Where Our Money Goes

An amazing amount of money was raised from all our events and we plan to put the funds to great use. We are currently planning to replace and introduce some new and exciting equipment for the Nursery and Juniors.

We will from now on go back to producing the Newsletters that were used in 2010/11 to keep you updated and informed as to how your money is spent, future event dates and pictures of your children taking part in all the activities that the Friends of Daiglen put on.

The Friends of Daiglen not only put on amazing and fun events, they also contribute to many a school trip or activity, by either paying for the transport or the event itself. We also provide a snack or packed lunch and even monies for ice cream at these events. So as you can see it is VERY important that you continue to support us wherever possible.

The Friends of Daiglen organises a wide range of fund raising activities throughout the year. While it may be the Committee members who organise the events and help to run them [and we are always on the lookout for more helpers with a sense of fun and who don’t mind getting their hands dirty!] it is thanks to the incredible support from parents and friends, who generously turn out their pockets at these events, that the Friends of Daiglen are able to provide the support it can to the continued enhancement of school life at Daiglen.

So, a big thank you to everyone who has bought tickets for events, taken their chances in the raffles, bought the odd glass of wine or 5 at one of our events or in any other way, dug deep for the Friends of Daiglen.