Board of Governors

Mrs S Barnes (Chair)
Mrs O Brown Mr P Degen
Mrs C Doughty Mrs A Dowling
Mrs S Stride Mr I Rabey
Mr N White
Mrs Goodman, Clerk to the Governors

(Correspondence to the Chair should be addressed to the School)


Mrs Sue Barnes: Mrs Barnes is currently Chair.  She became a Governor at Daiglen in 2003.  She has two sons, both of whom attended Daiglen.  Mrs Barnes is the Business Manager at a large state primary school in Redbridge and has a degree in School Business Management.  She serves on the Finance Committee and Staff Contracts Sub-Committee as well as the Academic Committee.  Her link subjects are PSHCE and More Able.


Mrs Opal Brown:  Mrs Brown is a former head teacher.  She has worked in local schools including Bancroft’s and St Aubyns and is currently a School Improvement Adviser.  She came to know Daiglen when she was one of the Inspection team for our 2006 Inspection.  Mrs Brown served as a Governor from 2008 until 2014 and re-joined the Board of Governors in 2018.  Her special interests are coaching and mentoring senior and middle leaders; curriculum development; and improving the quality of teaching and learning.

Mr Phil Degen: Mr Degen has been a Governor of Daiglen since 2003 and is currently Vice Chair.  Mr Degen is a Daiglen Old Boy and his twin sons also attended Daiglen.  He is a Private Banker and is Chair of the Finance Committee and Staff Contracts Sub-Committee.  He is also a member of the Premises, Health and Safety Committee.  Mr Degen coaches a local rugby team and is link Governor for sports.

Mrs Christine Doughty: Mrs Doughty taught Maths and Science at Daiglen for many years.  She was a much respected Year 6 form teacher and Deputy Head, and also served as Acting Head in 2003 until a new Head (Mrs Bradfield) was appointed.  Mrs Doughty is an ISI Inspector.  She is Chair of the Academic Committee and is link Governor for Science and Early Years.

Mrs Andrea Dowling: Mrs Dowling joined the Board in 2016.  Mrs Dowling has had three children at the school.  She is a Managing Director, Human Resources at Morgan Stanley and serves on the Finance Committee and Staff Contracts Sub-Committee.  She is link Governor for Modern Foreign Languages and English.

Mr Ian Rabey: Mr Rabey joined the Board in 2018.  He has three sons, all of whom attended Daiglen.  Mr Rabey is a landscape gardener and assists with coaching at Chingford Rugby Club.

Mrs Susan Stride: Mrs Stride joined the Board in 2011.  Mrs Stride is a qualified solicitor and Partner at a local firm of solicitors where she is currently head of Private Client departments.  Mrs Stride’s brother and nephews attended Daiglen.  She is governor responsible for Child Protection, serves on the Academic Committee and is link governor for History and Latin.

Mr Nic White:  Mr White’s son was a pupil at Daiglen.  He was invited on to the Board in 2009 and is Chair of the Premises, Health and Safety Committee.  During this time, he has overseen building works and improvements to the premises such as the ICT suite and kitchens.  His link subjects are Art and Design Technology and Geography.


Finance Consultant to the Board of Governors

Mr Ray Allison: Mr Allison is a retired chartered accountant who has served on the Board of Governors from 1986 and as Chairman from 1996 to 2010.  He has worked for the Crusaders, a Christian Youth organisation, since 1974 and does a great deal of voluntary work for the community.  He is a Daiglen Old Boy.  He is now Finance Consultant to the Finance Committee.