Aims and Ethos

We value the unique talents of every one of our pupils and aim to instil in them a love of learning which prepares them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life. We believe that nurturing the social and emotional development of our pupils will provide the foundation for their future happiness and success both personally and academically.

We aim to enhance and enrich our pupils’ personal, social, creative academic and physical development in order that they become confident, independent and responsible citizens who show kindness and consideration to others and contribute positively to society.

We do our best to enable all pupils to achieve their full potential by:

  • promoting self-reliance, creativity and initiative along with the resilience to cope with adversity
  • fostering a sense of teamwork and cooperation in mutually supportive relationships
  • maintaining the highest academic standards in a happy, stimulating and purposeful environment
  • providing a broad and balanced education that enables pupils to develop appropriate knowledge, skills, attitudes and values for the 21st century
  • encouraging pupils to take pride in themselves and their school, their efforts, achievements and aspirations
  • instilling a sense of right and wrong in all aspects of behaviour and conduct in order to uphold the Christian values of the school

In striving to achieve these aims we take care to:

  • employ staff of the highest quality to inspire and motivate pupils
  • provide support for less able children, enrichment for the more able and challenge for all
  • teach all subjects and skills required by selective and non-selective independent and state schools up to scholarship level
  • cover the Development Matters and Early Learning Goals in Nursery and Reception and all elements of the National Curriculum for Key Stage 1 and 2 in readiness for national tests
  • provide the very best facilities and opportunities we can offer