“Children’s numeracy skills are excellent and they are able to apply them well to other subject areas such as science… Pupils reasoning skills are well advanced, especially when being challenged to think critically.” ISI Inspection 2014


Daiglen School encourages enthusiasm for Science through enquiry and experimentation; the key scientific concepts necessary as the building blocks for more advanced study are delivered through a structured, practical and dynamic curriculum.

Topics covered encompass the National Curriculum. However, some key areas are condensed to avoid excessive repetition, allowing pupils to advance to a higher level of study as they mature. Junior children work with the specialist teacher in our well-equipped laboratory. We have adopted an experiment-based approach, with work presented in practical contexts relevant to pupils’ experiences. One of the benefits of this is natural differentiation, which enables pupils of all abilities to enjoy and understand scientific concepts.

Children gain skills and confidence to ask further questions as they are encouraged to hypothesise and question experimental work. Pupils are set projects to allow extended independent research, while an emphasis on scientific write-ups develops children’s organisational skills and ordered scientific thinking of logical processes; thus creating confident, independent thinkers.