“Key features of the best lessons are an excellence pace of activities, especially evident in a very lively Spanish lesson where pupils were discovering Spanish words for fruit and vegetables” ISI Inspection 2014

We believe that learning a second language is an important life skill in today’s world. Introducing children to alternative ways of expressing themselves and to different cultures broadens their outlook. It gives them the opportunity to communicate with many more people and develop a deeper understanding of their own and other cultures.

Other benefits of early language instruction include improved overall school performance and evidence suggests that children who receive second language instruction are more creative and better at solving complex problems. Foreign Languages are introduced from Nursery, when the children enjoy fun, practical Spanish lessons with the subject specialist. At this age, children’s brains readily assimilate new language and enjoy using it. By introducing a second language at this age, we maximise the chances that children will become truly proficient in the language and have native-like pronunciation.

Year 6 pupils are introduced to Latin. This further enhances children’s understanding of the structure of English and common vocabulary helps children learn the meaning of new words in English and improve spelling.