“Pupils work is regularly displayed in the community library and they enter the local art exhibition.” ISI Inspection 2014

Daiglen School values art as an important part of the curriculum, to be used both as a subject in its own right and as a wonderful tool to encourage cross-curricular learning. Children are exposed to a diverse range of materials, artists, art periods, and work from other cultures to ensure a broad and inspiring foundation in art. Individual and original work is always encouraged and children take pride in their creations, projecting part of themselves to the world.

We ensure that pupils learn a wide variety of art skills and techniques, such as clay work, sketching, pastel work, oil pastel work, collage and a range of painting techniques. Once skills are mastered, children are encouraged to explore and experiment with these materials and skills, in order to develop creatively.

Children take part in workshops and gallery visits in order to make the subject come alive for them. Work is regularly entered for local and National competitions and exhibitions, and many pupils have won prizes.