More Able, Gifted and Talented Initiative

‘Highly able are often challenged by the content of the curriculum. The progress in the vast majority of lessons is excellent due to appropriately challenging activities being set, and the School has recently been awarded an accreditation for the way it supports the more able.’  ISI Inspection 2014


We aim to equip our children with the complex skills needed to succeed in a world which is changing at an ever-increasing speed.  They need to become adaptable problem solvers and independent thinkers and we believe that inspirational teaching is the key to fostering a genuine love of learning which will continue throughout their lives.  The term Gifted and Talented is used to define pupils identified as having the potential to excel in one or several areas. At Daiglen, we have high expectations of all our pupils and we believe that by providing the rich and varied challenges and experiences these children need, we raise the achievement of all.

We are members of NACE (National Association for Able Children in Education) and were the first school in the area to achieve the accreditation of the NACE challenge. We continue to challenge ourselves to raise the standards of teaching and learning and enable our ‘rising stars’ to fulfil their full potential.  To this end, we run as many extra-curricular clubs as possible and provide opportunities for children to pursue their interests and develop their talents in areas as diverse as film-making, ecology and entrepreneurship so that every child has a chance to shine.